Auto Renewals Information

Consent to Auto Renewal

When your policy falls due for renewal, we may offer renewal terms. We will write to you around 3 weeks before your renewal date with your renewal premium and terms or confirm that we are not offering renewal. Where we invite renewal, for your protection, we will automatically:

  • Use the card you originally provided us to pay the premium in full to renew your cover, unless you tell us to use an alternative card or payment method, or not to renew.
  • Where your policy is paid in monthly instalments, your policy will be renewed via the existing credit agreement. Your credit provider will detail ongoing instalment payments ahead of the renewal date. You have the right to cancel the agreement at any time and if you do not wish to renew your policy please notify us at least 1 working day before your renewal date.

If you decide not to renew your policy, or want to opt-out of auto renewals, or you would like to change your payment method, simply call us on 0800 032 5638 at least 1 working day before your policy renewal date, and we will ensure no further payments are taken. You can also opt-out of auto renewals online by completing the form on our website: